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Author Topic: DSC 832 vs GE Concord Express  (Read 2164 times)


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DSC 832 vs GE Concord Express
« on: September 15, 2005, 12:51:22 PM »
My 10-year old security system (Capricorn ProLink SPI 648)has given a couple of false alarms and I have told it probably has had an electrical surge or something and will need to be replaced.

Have had quotes for DSC 832 and GE Concord Express systems.  How do these compare as to quality, reliability, etc.

Would these be difficult to install as replacment for old system as DIY project?

Thanks for any thoughts.


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Re:DSC 832 vs GE Concord Express
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2005, 05:28:27 PM »
Personally, I think the two are just about even, with a slight edge to DSC in the keypad dept, and a edge to ITI in the RF dept.

Both can be done by a DIY'er provided they read and understand the documentation provided, as well as the mechanics of an alarm panel, and generally a half understanding of simple electrical circuits and theories helps as well.

The one drawback of the ITI is you'll need an alpha pad to program, and the DSC isn't exactly installer friendly (I think their documentation and organization of their documentation stinks personally)


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Re:DSC 832 vs GE Concord Express
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2005, 07:24:20 PM »
Well, I can't really comment too much on the DSC panels quality wise, although I've heard their wireless has had some problems. It would still be worth looking into, as there are people here I'm sure who have probably had good luck with their systems.
 Some of the Concord line have built in receivers, so they're wireless ready right out of the box. If you eventually want to go wireless, this would be a plus, in my opinion, as ITI seems to have a good reputation for wireless. They seem to be pretty easy to program, too. I have the Concord Ultra myself, and programming, once you figure out the menu and layout, is generally pretty easy. The Express should be pretty similar, although not as many zones on board as the Ultra, which has up to 96, which would probably be overkill for the average residential install.
 There are a lot of people here, who seem to like the DSC panels, too, so it could take some time to compare these systems before you decide on one.
 Good luck, whatever you decide. :)


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