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Author Topic: GE NX-7002 EURO GSM module: How to change phone number  (Read 1870 times)


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GE NX-7002 EURO GSM module: How to change phone number
« on: November 21, 2011, 11:29:16 AM »
Hi guys,

I would deeply appreciate it if someone of you could help me with a basic question I have.
I have an alarm system installed in my house by an expert. This system has a gsm module NX-7002. Until now a company  monitored my alarm system and informed me via phone.
Since my contract expires soon, I am thinking of alternatives.

As far as I know it is possible to control my own the alarm system (arming, status etc)  via sms.
Although I have read the manual, I am still not able to do basic things such as, for example tell to the NX-7002 at which phone number to send the sms.

Could someone describe step by step the procedure?

Thank you in advance for your responces.



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Re: GE NX-7002: How to change phone number
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2011, 03:09:58 PM »
Geia sou Argyrh,
first of all I want to clear out some issues that confused me on my first NX-7002 installation. SMS reporting and panel control and monitoring are two different things. SMS reports are simple (coded) SIA or CID messages to up to 2 phone numbers. It's like reporting to a monitoring station through SMS instead of PSTN.
If you want to control and monitor your panel on your own you must configure the so called Hometext section of the NX-7002 which can report in plain language to  up to 16 mobile phone numbers or land line phone numbers with SMS support.

****Only NX-7002 version 5 and up support both SMS and Hometext. Older versions do not support Hometext. You have to check what version your NX-7002 is (usually printed on a sticker on top of the board's microcontroller). If your  version is older than V.5XXX I can help you firmware upgrade your module.

All the above said, programming the module is fairly easy. The module has an address of 78 so entering it's programming area is done by pressing:

* 8   9713   78#    (9713 is the default panel program code).

Locations of your concern are:

169  = SIM pin code  (must be entered and then the panel must be restarted by exiting program mode with EXIT EXIT)

   Example:  * 8
                                for SIM card code = 1234
                      10*   = end of code

Wait for the system to restart and enroll the NX-7002 with the SIM card (Wait for Network OK LED to light ON steady).

167  = SMS service centre, usually this is entered automatically but check it to corespond to your provider like for COSMOTE = +3097100000

1   =    Set control report 1 to "14", so panel events are reported in plain english   to Hometext phone number 1

4  =  Enable the panel events you want to receive. Enable them all for the testing phase. Each segment enables an event for different partitions. Enable all partitions in all segments (totally 16 segments). DEFAULT is ALL on but go through all of them and check.

200 =  segment 2, option 1, Hometext enable, DEFAULT is on but check it.

225 = 2 segments of 16 characters each. This is your home identification like "TO SPITI TOU ARGHRH" or "My home's Caddx system" total 32 characters max. This is an extra identification header on the received SMS messages from your panel. Likewise you can have your NX-7002's SIM card phone number on your mobile's contacts.

227  =  segment 1, Hometext user number for phone 1, MUST be 1 (DEFAULT is 0 !!!)     
                          * 8


                              #     back to location selection OR

                            EXIT   to exit program mode

232 = HOMETEXT PHONE NUMBER 1 like +306970123456
          Example:  * 8


                             13*     =  "+"

                             14*   =  end of phone number
                             #     back to location selection OR

                            EXIT   to exit program mode

Every time you EXIT the program mode you have to wait for the restart of the panel + NX-7002 + SIM always waiting for the final Network OK light.

Pre paid cards that run empty may cause the NX-7002 to freeze. Be sure you check and top up the SIM card regurally. The not responding NX-7002 does not affect panel functionality. On a freezing event the system needs a power cycle (cold restart) with a good card of course.

That's all you need for your first test drive.
Be sure your SIM is sending/receiving SMS messsages on a mobile phone FIRST.
Be sure to program the correct SIM card PIN.
You must have a "Network OK " green led ON on your board (means evrything is OK with GSM and SIM).

Trigger an alarm to check the reporting.
Send " status " to your NX-7002's phone number to get the status message of your alarm system.
While doing the above jobs check for the Reporting LED to be sure your NX-7002 is receiving your SMS messages and is outputting reports.

You can also send "arm all" and "disarm all" or "arm 1" and "disarm 1" (all = all partitions , 1=partition 1). Be sure your system shows ready before sending arm commands. Bypass zones if nessesary. If the system is not ready you will hear 3 beeps exactly like you hear them when you try to arm a not ready system through your keypad.

If you have an NX-148E LCD keypad with zone descriptions those discriptions show up on the SMS reporting messages. If you use Greek characters in those zone descriptions they will display as a space in your SMS received reports. Example: If you use the Greek word "ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ" for your main entrance it will be displayed as "EI O O " in your message. Try to keep Greenglish for your descriptions to overcome this, like "EISODOS".

There are more Hometext options available but first be sure you can send/receive with your mobile phone.

This is one of the best  GSM modules in the market and I am sure you will enjoy it. Bad thing is they import it in Greece without Greek language support.

Hope this helps

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