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Author Topic: GE Simon XT - PIR Motion Large Pet  (Read 1892 times)


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GE Simon XT - PIR Motion Large Pet
« on: November 02, 2010, 06:33:23 AM »
Does anyone have any experience with GE wirelss PI pet sensors with animal at or above the 40lb limit?

Can I combine the PIR sensor with a pet lense and/or mount it at a different height so it shoots above my dogs?

Why cant GE make a PIR sensor up to 80lbs???


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Re: GE Simon XT - PIR Motion Large Pet
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2010, 09:21:28 AM »

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

First of all, the term PI (Pet Immune) is a misnomer. (In this instance, "misnomer" is a euphemism for "lie".) Some of the better PIRs are pet-resistant, but none are pet-immune. If you have a pet, and especially if you have more than one, you are susceptible to pet-caused false alarms. The “PI” motions will reduce the number/frequency of alarms, and in some instances will actually eliminate them, but anyone who tells you they are actually pet-immune is not telling you the truth. They’re passing on wishful thinking.

As to “PI” PIRs rated up to 80 pounds---folks, I personally know someone who did a few burglaries when he was a skinny15 year old kid and weighed less than 80 pounds. Not all burglars fit the profile of the sales hype, husky guys with a crowbars wearing masks. In fact, a lot of burglaries are committed by teens who live near their victims.

The PIRs don’t measure the weight of critters moving in its field of view. An active playful 20-pound cat chasing flies across furniture is more prone to trip it than a lumbering 12-year-old 80-pound mastiff. But sometimes even the old dogs get excited and go after a passing moth.

Having said  that, if you want to take the chance, it _is_  possible that a pet lens _or_(not “and”) mounting your PIR four feet off the floor and upside down will work. Sometimes it does---but don’t be astonished if it doesn’t. 


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Re: GE Simon XT - PIR Motion Large Pet
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2010, 01:59:37 PM »
Mount it about waist high upside down. Depends on how tall the dog is, but you get the idea. Everything under it is dead, and most burgs are going to walk around anyway...unless you tell them our motion detectors are setup this way.

Most all security works on probability.


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