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Author Topic: "Keybus Fault -- Call for Service"  (Read 5785 times)


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"Keybus Fault -- Call for Service"
« on: December 19, 2004, 04:03:34 PM »
Hello all,

First of all i would like to thank everyone for this site. It has been real helpful

I am Homeowner, trying to install a DSC power 832 with an expander board and two keypads ( 5500, 5501Z).

I can not access either of the keypads--

the 5500 keypad never worked -- it just displays the time and "program" - the keys do not function on it -- therefore a keypad lockout.

the 5501Z keypad was working-- but my endeavor to fix the 5500, by trading locations, then movnig them back --
I somehow am locked out of this pad too the display shows 'Jan 00/00/0000' and "Keybus fault -- Call for service" and it beeps in 5 second intervals

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!!



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Re:"Keybus Fault -- Call for Service"
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2004, 09:13:38 PM »
You may have put the keypad into global mode.  Try holding down "#" for 2 seconds then holding down "1" for 2 seconds to get back to partition 1 then you should be able to enter back into installer mode.  
After 30 seconds of inactivity it will default back to its previous mode though so you'll have to be sure to reprogram it.  
Assuming you're only using one partition you would enter installer mode then "000" then "0"  then "11" then "##". Go to the other keypad (you must go to the other keypad to program it) and do the same but enter "12" instead.
Then go back installer mode and do a "902" to do a supervisory reset.  You can then do a "903" to view what it found.

Good luck,
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Re:"Keybus Fault -- Call for Service"
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2004, 01:41:28 PM »
Hey New,
the keybus fault means that either the yellow and green wires are reversed when you hooked the keypad back up or you have one of them disconnected or a broken wire, you might want to check those connections.....................tech1


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